Square Monogrammed Christmas Wreath

Have you decorated for Christmas yet? This Monogram Christmas Wreath is perfect to hang on your front door!

Square Monogram Christmas Wreath from www.thisautoimmunelife.com #Christmas #OrientalTrading #wreath #square #monogram


Square Monogrammed Christmas Wreath

This post is sponsored by Oriental Trading but all opinions are my own. Some of the materials used to make this wreath were provided by them.


These are provided by Oriental Trading:
Snowy Pine Picks
Green Square Wire Wreath Form
Crystal Drops
LED String Lights
Other materials: **affiliate links below
Floral Tape and Floral Wire
2 berry picks
Mesh Tulle 6" roll
Wooden Letter
Gray Paint
Invisible Thread
Gray Buffalo Check Ribbon


First paint the wooden letter. It will take several coats of paint. Be sure to let it dry in between coats. Use the invisible thread and tie a piece on each side of the letter.  Make sure the thread is long enough to reach the frame. Then use those threads to tie it to the frame.

wreath supplies 

Then wrap the wire wreath with the mesh so it doesn't scratch the door. (I did this after I attached the pine picks and it was a little difficult!) Attach the pine picks to the wreath form using floral tape or floral wire. I put mine all in one direction going around the frame but you can attach them however you like.  Attach the red berry picks to the bottom left corner using floral wire.

wreath supplies 2 

Make a wreath bow using the buffalo check ribbon. Use floral wire to attach it to the frame over the berry picks.

Add the crystal drops to the sides. You can tie these on with invisible thread so they don't fall off. 

Finally add your LED "fairy" string lights. These are battery operated so just tape the battery pack to the back of the frame behind the bow.

Then you can stand back and admire your work!


Square Monogram Christmas Wreath from www.thisautoimmunelife.com #Christmas #wreath #square #monogram #OrientalTrading



  1. What a lovely wreath! I love monogrammed everything so I really love this wreath. Plus, it looks easy enough for me to give it a try.

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  3. I've always wanted a square wreath, yours is so pretty! Love the monogram, the buffalo check ribbon and that it lights up. Pinned :)

  4. I love the shape of this beautifully made wreath, and the twinkle lights makes it extra special!

  5. I love the square wreath form! It's so unique.

  6. Such a stunning project, Roseann! I love the square layout and the snowy pine picks look so festive and wintry!

  7. The fairy lights give it such a pretty sparkle. Your door will look gorgeous.

  8. Your wreath is beautiful, Roseann. What a great idea to add a monogram!

  9. Your square wreath is very creative!

  10. I love your square wreath- very creative, Roseann!

  11. Love the square shape of this wreath and how it perfectly frames the 's'. I just bought fairy lights and ended up not using them. I like the idea of adding them to a wreath. Pinned.

  12. I never used to be much of a wreath fan, until I started seeing ones that stepped away from the traditional. This definitely falls under that category, and I will be saving this one, for sure!

  13. Your monogrammed wreath is sooo pretty! This would be a great pre-Christmas gift to give to newlyweds.

  14. This is lovely, Roseann! I love that's a non traditional wreath shape, yet simple in design. It turned out really pretty! Picked it as one of my features for this week's Snickerdoodle party :)

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