Tortilla Warmer Tutorial

Tortilla Warmer Tutorial

Just in time for Cinco de Mayo I've created this Tortilla Warmer Tutorial. Simply slide your tortillas inside then pop in the microwave for about 30 seconds. Your tortillas will come out nice and warmed!   
Tortilla Warmer Tutorial from 


1/3 yard of print fabric ( I used this chili pepper fabric)
1/3 yard of muslin
1/3 yard of cotton batting
 matching thread *
*Make sure you use 100% cotton fabric, batting and thread as polyester can catch on fire in the microwave I used bright yellow fabric for the back of my tortilla warmer because I already had some in my fabric stash. However, you can make the front and back from the 1/3 yard print fabric.


Trace circles on your fabric.  I used one of my dinner plates which are 11" in diameter to trace the circles onto the material with a marking pen. Then cut out all of your circles.        - 2 from your print fabric        - 2 from your muslin        - 2 from your batting   Tortilla Warmer Tutorial Tortilla Warmer Tutorial

Pin fabric, muslin and batting together in this order:  batting, print fabric right side up, then muslin on top. Sew around the circle with a 1/2 inch seam. Be sure to leave a 2"-3" opening for turning the fabric.

 Tortilla Warmer Tutorial

 Next, trim the seam then clip the curves. I used my pinking shears to trim the seam then I clipped around the circle at about 2" intervals right up to the seam line. This helps the fabric lay flatter after you turn it. Be sure not to cut the stitching!

Tortilla Warmer Tutorial

 Reach inside the opening and turn it right side out so that the muslin and print fabric are on the outside and the batting is on the inside. Then you can either stitch the opening by hand or machine stitch it closed. Since this was just for myself I wasn't worried about making it look all nice and neat!

Tortilla Warmer Tutorial

Repeat all of the above steps with the second piece of fabric, muslin and batting. Your will then quilt each finished piece by marking 1 ½" intervals on the fabric then sewing along those markings. Since my fabric was dark, I had to use a white marking pencil to make the lines.

Tortilla Warmer Tutorial

 Be sure to quilt both the front and back pieces.  
tortilla warmer tutorial from 

Finally, sew the front and back pieces together with a ¼ inch seam, muslin sides together. You will sew about ²⁄3 of the way around leaving an opening to slide your tortillas into.  

tortilla warmer 1 

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Enjoy!   Save Save


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