Buffalo Plaid Happy Fall Pillow

Welcome to the thrift store find makeover challenge for August. For the challenge this month, I decided to make this Buffalo Plaid Happy Fall Pillow. So, technically this isn't from the thrift store. It was in a bag at my house that was destined for the thrift store so I think that counts. Right?


Buffalo Plaid Happy Fall Pillow from www.thisautoimmunelife.com #happyfall #buffaloplaid #pillow

It is a shirt that my son wore when he was in high school. He cleaned his room when he got married so I had quite a few bags that had to go to the thrift store. I looked through them to find anything that was still usable and this shirt was definitely craft worthy!

Buffalo Plaid Happy Fall Pillow


A shirt in buffalo plaid, this is a small men's
Sweater like fabric for appliques
Heat and Bond
Black glitter Iron-on vinyl
Cricut or other cutting machine and this cutting file
14" pillow form
Also needed: thread, sewing machine and iron

To start, cut the sleeves and neck area off of the shirt. Leave the buttons or snaps closed and place it over the pillow form. Adjust button or snap placement and if needed, move the buttons so that the shirt is snug over the pillow. In the picture below I moved the snaps and sewed them back in place. Trim excess fabric from the open ends.

buffalo collage 

Close the buttons/snaps and turn the shirt inside out. Place it back over the pillow form. Pin the open ends together so that the shirt is pulled together right up against the pillow form. I took a little tuck in at the ends so the corners didn't stick out.  Unbutton the shirt and pull out the pillow form. 

buffalo 3

Sew the ends where the shirt is pinned. Trim any excess fabric then turn right side out and place back over pillow form. Make any adjustments as needed.  

Cut the words "Happy Fall" from the black glitter iron-on using your cutting machine. Don't forget to mirror your words and to place the shiny side down on the mat!

Then cut the fall shapes from whatever material you choose. Iron on the Heat and Bond to the back of the fabric before you cut.  I had this cream colored knit that I used. I used my Accuquilt and the fall shapes die to cut them out. But you can certainly find images online to use and trace!

Remove the pillow form and lay the cover flat. Iron on the words and the shapes according to the manufacturer's directions. Then just put the cover on the pillow form and you have brand new fall decor!

Buffalo Plaid Happy Fall Pillow from www.thisautoimmunelife.com #buffaloplaid #happyfall #pillow


  1. I love your pillow! Buffalo Plaid is one of my Fall Favorites! Well done. I've been thinking about Fall pillows, but haven't taken action yet. Pinning for later. -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. That is awesome! It's adorable and I just love buffalo plaid. What a great find that you had it at home.

  3. What a cute fall pillow and it's great that you could repurpose your son's old shirt into a fun decor piece.

  4. This is a lovely looking re-purpose and remake, Roseann! And what a great idea it is to make a pillow out of your son's old shirt! The print is quite trendy and instyle now and I bet your son wishes he took it with him!

  5. Making a cushion cover from a shirt is a brilliant idea. I love the look of this, perfect for changing decor simply for the seasons.

  6. I really liked the way you up cycled the shirt .It's important we up cycle and recycle as much as you can.I adore bloggers pit stop and enjoy visiting your blog

  7. Saved from being donated most definitely counts!!! That's a great save too, black and white check is so in lately. I love this, pinned!


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