Fabric Scrap Coasters

Welcome to the monthly Pinterest Challenge for April!  The purpose of the Pinterest Challenge is to motivate all the participants (and you too) to not just pin, but to make it happen! This month's challenge is about Mother's Day or projects geared towards the women in our lives. For this month's project I chose to make these Fabric Scrap Coasters.

This project was inspired by this Pinterest pin from The Fabric Mill Blog.



To make 1 coaster you will need 5 - 5" squares of fabric and 1 - 5" square of thin batting. This is a great scrap buster project!


Lay the material out as shown in the picture below. The center piece will be the back of the coaster. Lay the piece of batting under that piece.

Fold each of the side pieces in half with the folded side toward the center piece.

Then layer the side fabrics on top of the backing fabric.

Then sew around all 4 sides. Reach into the center of the layered fabric and flip the layered fabrics to the other side. Use something with a dull point to push out the corners. Press the coaster so it lays flat. For more detailed directions for this step, visit the Fabric Mill Blog

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Toddler Apron From Fat Quarters

Collaborating once again this month with a lovely group of Bloggers to bring you some new craft ideas. For the April Craft Destash we are challenged to create a project using only items currently found in our craft stash. We were to make something new with crafty supplies or re-make an item we've been holding on to for a while. For this challenge, hosted by Megan from C'mon Get Crafty,  I decided to make this Toddler Apron From Fat Quarters.

I had all the material I needed for this apron so my additional cost is $0! This is going to be a gift for my granddaughter who will be turning 2 next month. She loves to stand on a chair and "help" with the cooking!


2 Fat Quarters (19" x 21" pieces of material)
scrap of fabric for pocket
scrap of fabric for ruffle
pattern from Ordinary Lovely blog


Print out pattern and tape an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of paper to the bottom.


Fold your fat quarters (1 is the front fabric and 1 is the backing fabric) in half. Lay them one on top of the other making sure they are lined up. Place the pattern on the folds and pin in place. Cut out making sure to cut both pieces of fabric.
Cut 2 -  19" x 2" pieces for the top ties and cut 2 -  19" x 2" pieces for the waist ties. I used the extra pieces from the fat quarters to cut these.
Cut a 9" x 12" piece out of the scrap fabric for the pocket.
If you are adding a ruffle to the bottom, cut a piece that is 5" x width of fabric (about 42").


I monogrammed the pocket but that is completely optional. If you choose to monogram it, do that first. Then fold the pocket piece in half  with right sides together so the rectangle is 9" x 6". Sew around the edges using a 1/2" seam, leaving a small opening to turn. Clip corners and turn right side out. Press flat. Center the pocket on the front apron piece and sew down one side, across the bottom and up the other side. Make sure to back stitch at the beginning and end to secure it from coming loose.

To make the ties, fold each piece in half lengthwise, right sides together. Sew across one end and up the side of each using a 1/2" seam. Clip corners and turn each piece right side out. Press flat.

If you are adding a ruffle, fold ruffle piece with right sides together so you have a piece that is 2 1/2" x 42". Stitch along the two 2 1/2" edges. Turn right side out and press. Stitch a gathering (long stitch) along the unfinished edge. Pull up gathering stitches so that the ruffle is the same width as the bottom of the apron.

Pin the raw edge of the ruffle to the raw edge of the bottom of the front piece of the apron.  The ruffle will be in laying on the apron. Baste in place. 

Lay the lining fabric right side up. Place one tie at each top corner, raw edges even with ties laying on fabric. Place one tie at each of the waist corners, raw edges even with ties laying on fabric. I forgot to take a picture so I hope this one helps! The blue lines indicate where the pieces should be laying.

Lay the main fabric right side down on top of lining piece. It will be like a sandwich with the ties and ruffle inside. Pin edges and sew in a 1/2" seam all the way around. Leave a small opening for turning. Clip corners and curves. Turn right side out and press. Edge stitch all the way around and you're finished!

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Easter Chick Hair Bow

Make an Easter Chick Hair Bow as an accessory to your little girl's Easter outfit!

To make this hair bow you will need:

sheets of leather in blue, yellow and easter print
felt in yellow and white
hair clip
hot glue

How to make the hair bow:

Trace the bow template on the back of the leather using a different color leather for each layer. Cut out each piece. The back piece will lay flat, pattern side up.  The other 2 layers need to be folded and glued on the back to secure. Glue the 3 layers together. Then wrap the center strip around all 3 layers and glue along the back to hold it. Use a hair clip or hair band of your choice and glue it to the back of the hair bow.
The Easter chick in the center is an embroidery design from Embroidery Boutique. The chick is an in-the-hoop design to be made on an embroidery machine. If you don't have an embroidery machine you can just cut a chick shape from yellow felt and a cracked egg from white felt. Embroider a beak and eye on the chick then sew the cracked egg to the bottom of the chick. Glue the chick on the front center of the bow and you are finished!

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