Easter Chick Hair Bow

Make an Easter Chick Hair Bow as an accessory to your little girl's Easter outfit!

To make this hair bow you will need:

sheets of leather in blue, yellow and easter print
felt in yellow and white
hair clip
hot glue

How to make the hair bow:

Trace the bow template on the back of the leather using a different color leather for each layer. Cut out each piece. The back piece will lay flat, pattern side up.  The other 2 layers need to be folded and glued on the back to secure. Glue the 3 layers together. Then wrap the center strip around all 3 layers and glue along the back to hold it. Use a hair clip or hair band of your choice and glue it to the back of the hair bow.
The Easter chick in the center is an embroidery design from Embroidery Boutique. The chick is an in-the-hoop design to be made on an embroidery machine. If you don't have an embroidery machine you can just cut a chick shape from yellow felt and a cracked egg from white felt. Embroider a beak and eye on the chick then sew the cracked egg to the bottom of the chick. Glue the chick on the front center of the bow and you are finished!


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