Free Halloween Planner Stickers

If you like to decorate your planner here are some free Halloween Planner Stickers. I’m not one who likes the scary and gory part of Halloween. And I am certainly not honoring the pagan devil worshiping celebration of Samhain.  I prefer to decorate with my cute candy corn dolls and happy smiling pumpkins. My kids used to like to dress up but it was always princesses and pokemonor other cartoon characters. Now that they are grown I enjoy handing out candy to the neighborhood children.  And I certainly enjoy my pumpkin spice flavored foods! What do you enjoy about Halloween?
Here are some interesting Halloween facts (if you would like to read more, click here):
  • Halloween candy accounts for one quarter of the candy sold in the U.S. annually
  • The first jack-o-lanterns were made from turnips
  • The largest pumpkin on record is 836 pounds
  • In 2014 an estimated $3 billion was spent on children’s costumes
  • Candy corn was invented in 1898
  • Halloween is the second largest commercial holiday after Christmas

Just click on the picture below to get your free sticker download.  It is a png file which can be used with the Cricut or cut by hand.
 Halloween Planner Stickers


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