Fabric Scrap Christmas Tree Garland

Welcome to the November Pinterest Challenge Blog Hop!  The purpose of this Pinterest Challenge is to motivate all the participants of this hop (and you too) to not just pin, but to make it happen! This month, I chose to make a Fabric Scrap Christmas Tree Garland. My inspiration came from this pin from Crafting Cheerfully.

Fabric Scrap Christmas Tree Garland


Christmas tree pattern from Crafting Cheerfully (or you can make your own)
Green felt - 1 large sheet or 2 small
Scraps of fabric in green as well as brown
Fabric glue
Contrasting thread or embroidery floss
Ribbon or twine


Print and cut out Christmas tree pattern. I traced it on a piece of cardboard to use as my template. Use the template to cut trees out of the felt. This will be your backing.

Then I made a template for each section of the tree. Using 6 different fabrics, I cut one of each section of the tree from each fabric. I also used the brown fabric to cut small rectangles for the trunk.

fabric scrap christmas tree garland 5 

Starting with the trunk and working your way up the tree, use a small amount of fabric glue to adhere each section of fabric to the felt.

If you don't like sewing you could add extra fabric glue and stop here, attaching each tree to the ribbon with hot glue.

I used a gold thread in my sewing machine and stitched around each section of the tree. You could also use embroidery thread and sew around the edges - totally up to you!

I spaced my trees out about 8" apart on the ribbon then sewed them on with the gold thread. 

This is a really quick little project that you can do with your kids! I hung the garland on the footboard of my daughter's bed  to make it a little more festive when she comes to visit!

fabric scrap christmas tree garland 6 


Fabric Scrap Christmas Tree Garland from www.thisautoimmunelife.com #PinterestChallenge #Christmas #ChristmasTree #ChristmasGarland #FabricScraps



  1. What a cute garland. I love how you have it attached to the bed.

  2. I love this garland and seems really easy to make. Love this Roseann. Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a cute idea! And it looks like a fun project too. Lovely!


  4. That is so cute! I love the mix and matching of patterns to give these trees interest. Pinned.

  5. This is a new idea to try with scrap fabric. I can see this as ornaments too.

  6. This is adorable! It looks so cute on your bed. Pinned :-)

  7. Super cute! The garland looks great and it's perfect for a footboard of a bed. I'm sure your daughter will enjoy it.

  8. Looks so much more complicated than your tutorial! This would be a fun craft project to do with a friend or family member.


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