Bunny Bum Hair Bow

Easter is almost here! And although it may look a little different this year, your little one can still enjoy the day. To help make it special, you can create this super cute bunny bum hair bow!

All you need is some felt or leather, a hair clip, hot glue and the template. The pompom is optional because the template includes a center for the bow. 
I purchased my template at Design Bundles. They have it as a single file or you can buy it in a bundle with other templates. Then just download the file - they offer multiple file types. You can cut the file by hand or upload it to your Cricut or Silhouette and have your machine cut the file.
The leather I used is available on Etsy. It is sold in individual sheets or as sets. I used chunky white glitter and chunky pink glitter. You could also use felt as long as it isn't too thin.
Once you have the pieces cut, use your hot glue to put them together. The back part of the bow has the feet attached. You will glue the pink pieces to the feet. For the top part of the bow, fold it so that the cut edges are touching. Glue those ends down to the back of the skinny part. Then glue that bow on top of the piece with the feet. Glue your hair clip to the back of the bunny feet part. Take the skinny strip and wrap it around the center and around the hair clip. Open the hair clip then glue the ends of the leather down onto the inside of the clip. Add the pompom or the center piece that was cut from the template to the center front.
You can also glue this onto a hairband if your little one does not have any hair. And you might need to resize the design if your little one is really small.
I hope you enjoy and have a happy Easter! Stay safe!


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