Minnie Mouse Birthday Dress

Minnie Mouse Birthday Dress

A dress for that special girl who is about to have a birthday! This Minnie Mouse birthday dress is perfect to wear anytime or to a celebration!
The Minnie Mouse "Two" embroidery applique file is a purchase from the Sweet Stitch Design store on Etsy.

Other materials needed:

white t-shirt
black ribbon - about 2 yards
1/4 yd red fabric with large white dots
1/4 yd black fabric with large white dots
scraps of fabric for applique
matching thread 


First stitch your design on the t-shirt. I have a Brother SE600 which only does a 4" x 4" design so the applique came out a little smaller than I would have liked. The purchased design comes with larger sizes as well.
I wanted the dress to be about 19" long so I laid out the t-shirt on the floor and put a measuring tape on the shoulder and measured down 19". I put a pencil at the 19" mark (just to mark the spot). Then I moved the top of the measuring tape to the point on the t-shirt where I wanted the skirt to start and measured down to the pencil. This measurement is how long the fabric needs to be. Split this amount between the black and red fabric. Then add an inch to each measurement for the seam and hem. For the dress in the picture the red fabric is 7" and the black fabric is 5" long. Both fabrics were cut across the width of the fabric (42").
If you are making a size other than a 2T, the length of the dress will differ. A 3T should be about 20", a 4T is 21" and a size 5 is 24". For other sizes you can do a search on Pinterest!
With right sides together, sew the red and black fabric together along the 42" side using a 1/2" seam. Iron under 1/4" on the 42" side of the red fabric then iron that down another 1/4" to create a 1/2" hem. Repeat with the black fabric. 
Run a gathering stitch along the hemmed edge of the red fabric. Then sew the back seam of the skirt using a 1/2" seam. 
Using a ruler, measure down about 2" under the underarms of the shirt and mark with pencil or water soluble ink. This is about where you will place the upper edge of the skirt. Pull the gathering stitches on the skirt so that it fits around the t-shirt. Pin in place. Use a stretch stitch to sew the skirt in place. 
Cut a piece of black ribbon long enough to go around the top of the skirt, making sure to fold under ends of ribbon where the ends meet. Pin along the top edge of the skirt. Use a stretch stitch to sew the top and bottom edge of the ribbon. Cut another piece to make a bow. Sew it on the front slightly off-center on top of the black ribbon.
Feel free to add other embellishments to your liking! 


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