Black Cat Halloween Bag

Welcome to the Fabric Upcycle Challenge! This month I'm joining a few of my blogging friends to bring you the latest challenge - create an upcycled project made from fabric. Please join me as I show you how I made this black cat Halloween bag! 

September Fabric Upcycle Challenge Black Cat Bag from #Halloween #bag #upcycle

My inspiration for this bag came as I was looking through the closet and found a pair of black capri pants.  They don't quite fit any longer so they are perfect for a project. At first I thought about making a black cat pillow. But the way they are cuffed made a perfect edging for a bag. And it did not take very long at all to make!

Black Cat Halloween Bag from #Halloween #bag #blackcat

Pair of black pants
White embroidery thread/needle
Purple ric-rac - large size
Green ribbon
Needle and thread or sewing machine
Hot glue gun

Cut part of one leg off of the pants. Using a white marking pencil, draw a face and ears. Use the white embroidery thread to create face on the fabric. I used a satin stitch for the heart-shaped nose and an outline stitch for the ears and whiskers. You can also add some eyes if you like.

black cat Halloween bag 1 

Turn pant leg inside out then sew across the bottom with a straight stitch. You can either do this by hand or with a sewing machine.  Cut ric rac into 2-12" pieces. Sew to the inside of the bag just inside the ear stitching. Repeat on back side of bag.

black cat Halloween bag

Turn bag right side out. Make a bow out of the green ribbon then hot glue near the ear. Tada! You are finished!


  1. This bag is adorable! If only I knew how to sew. My daughter would love this bag.

  2. What a fun way to make bags for Halloween! So cute and adorable!

  3. Such a fun and adorable bag! I love the heart nose and the whiskers!


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