Fall Table Runner

Every month a group of bloggers are challenged to create a new craft or project from their own stash of goodies! You are allowed $10 max for necessities, but must primarily use items you already own. Check out some awesome creations you might be able to make from your own stash! This month I am sharing how to create your own Fall Table Runner!


Fall Table Runner from www.thisautoimmunelife.com #fall #tablerunner #quilted #applique

Fall Table Runner

 I've had this autumn fabric for a couple of years and wanted to make a table runner and matching placemats.

I'm not quite finished with this table runner yet though. I really wanted to learn how to free-motion quilt and thought this would be a great project for that. The only problem is I didn't have a free-motion quilting foot for my sewing machine. I ordered one and thanks to Amazon it came in today! So after I practice a bit and get this quilted I will update the picture. My table runner measures 15 inches wide by 33 inches long. I just measured the center of my kitchen table to find the best size. So, depending on your table size you might have to adjust your fabric measurements.


3/4 yard cream or light colored fabric for the front and back

scraps of fall colored fabric for the leaves

1/4 yard fall colored fabric for the border

1/2 yard batting (or scrap measuring at least 15 x 33"

Directions for 15" x 33" Fall Table Runner:


1. Cut a piece of cream fabric 12 ½" x 30 ½". This piece is for the front. Cut another piece 15" x 33" for the backing. 

2. The maple leaves are cut from the scraps of fall fabric. First, iron some Heat N Bond Light to the back of the fabric. Make sure to use the light because the stronger ones will gunk up the needle on your sewing machine. I learned that the hard way! Then trace the pattern on the fabric and cut it out.  I cut 4 but if you are making a different size you can adjust this number.

3. Cut the border from the 1/4 yard of fall fabric - 2 strips will be 2" x 30 ½" and the other 2 strips will be 2" x 15".


4. Lay the leaves, right side up on the 12 ½ x 30 ½ piece of cream fabric. Spread them out to your liking. Iron them on according to the package directions. 

5. Use a sewing machine to applique the leaves onto the fabric. Use the satin stitch on the machine. If you haven't appliqued before you might want to try different stitch widths and lengths to find the one you like. I also have to adjust the presser foot's pressure on the machine I have. Also, if your background fabric has much stretch to it, you might want to iron on some interfacing to the back side before appliqueing. 

6. Pin the 30 ½" border to each side of the cream fabric with right sides together. Sew in a ¼" seam. Press seam towards the border.

7. Pin the 15" borders to the ends, right sides together. Sew in a ¼" seam. Press seam toward border.

8. Lay the backing on the table. Place the batting on top of the backing then place the table runner (face up) on top of the batting. Pin or baste these layers together. 

9. Quilt the layers together. You can quilt around the leaves and down the border or you can try your hand at free-motion quilting. 

10. Sew ½" double-fold binding around the edges. 

I haven't finished the last 2 steps but will be doing some free motion quilting. Then I have some brown binding that I will use to finish the edges.

And the total cost? $0 - I had all the material I needed!

Happy Fall!

Fall Table Runner from www.thisautoimmunelife.com #fall #tablerunner #quilted #applique


  1. Your table runner is beautiful! Thank you for the pattern and step by step directions. With that in hand, I could make one for every season. ;-) What a great way to lower my fabric stash! Pinning. -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. This is quite lovely and just perfect for Fall, Roseann! I have never heard of free motion quilting before your post but am amazed at all the various sewing techniques you can accomplish by using a special quilting foot.

  3. Only now am I starting to think Fall. The runner is so sweet. I love how easy it looks to make and how colorful.

  4. This turned out so pretty! I'm jealous of your "ahead of the game", I'm sure I will be behind as usual!

  5. So very pretty. Fall will be here before we know it. I have already started thinking of fall projects. You are very much ahead of the game. Looks so pretty.


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