How To Make A Fall Market Tote

Collaborating this month with a lovely group of Bloggers to bring you some new craft ideas. For the October Craft Destash we are challenged to create a project using only items currently found in our craft stash. We were to make something new with crafty supplies or re-make an item we've been holding on to for a while. For this challenge I decided to make these Fall Market Tote.

 How to make a fall market tote from #craftdestash #fall #markettote #sewing

For this project, I had everything I needed. I was a little short on the interfacing so I had to purchase a package of that for $4. So this project ended up being very inexpensive!

Fall Market Tote


1 yard main fabric
1 yard lining fabric
Fall fabric panel 
Medium weight fusible interfacing
Fusible web (make sure it's sewing machine safe)

½"seam unless noted otherwise
press seams open after sewing

From the main fabric cut 2 pieces that are 21" x 19" as well as 2 pieces that are 2" x 21". The 19" side is the height and the 21" side is the width.
From the lining fabric you will also cut 2 pieces that are 21" x 19" and 2 pieces that are 2" x 21". In addition you will need to cut 1 piece that is 9½" x 21" (the base fabric). 
With the interfacing you will cut 4 sections that are 21" x 19" and 2 sections that are 2" x 21".

Iron the interfacing to the wrong side of your main fabric and lining fabric. Also iron the interfacing to the 2" x 21" strips which will be the straps.

Main Bag

With the main fabric laying right side up, place the base fabric  (9½ x 21" piece) right side down on top 8½" from the bottom.  Sew across. Repeat with the other piece of main fabric and base. Then fold the base fabric down at the seam and iron it. Stitch a topstitch across the bag about ¼" from where you folded the fabric down.

Fall Market Bag Collage 1 

Cut out all the pieces from the fall fabric panel. Iron the steam a seam to the back. Then place them on the bag according to your preference and iron them down. Use a zigzag stitch to go around each applique.

Fall Market Bag Collage 2 

Lay the right sides together and sew around the bag, leaving the top open.

If you would like to make an inside pocket, cut a 6½" x 10½" piece of the main fabric. Iron under a ¼" seam all the way around then iron it down another ¼". Sew down the seam on all 4 sides. Then place the pocket on the right side of one of your lining pieces. Sew down the two sides and across the bottom. Then sew a line up the middle so that you have two pockets.

2019-10-06 14.24.24-1 

Lay the two lining pieces together with right sides facing. Sew down the two sides and bottom using a 5/8" seam. This makes your lining just a bit smaller than the main bag. Leave this bag inside out.
Creating Bottom

To create a flat bottom on your bag, flatten the bottom seam so that it forms a triangle on both edges. Mark 4" down from point and sew across those lines. Repeat on lining bag. Cut off excess triangle of fabric from all 4 corners.

Fall Market Bag Collage 3 

To sew the straps, place one lining and one main fabric right sides together. Sew up each long side. Repeat with other strap. Then turn those right side out. Pin one strap onto the right side of the lining bag so that the raw edges are lined up with the top edge of the bag. The edges of one strap will be about 5 inches apart. Baste this in place then repeat with the other strap.

Fall Market Bag Collage 4

Place the main bag, right side out, inside the lining bag. You will have the right side of the lining bag facing the right side of the main bag. Pin top edges together making sure side seams are lined up. Sew around the top leaving about 5-6" open. Turn the bag by pulling it through the opening. Then iron the seam down and top stitch about ¼" from the top seam.

2019-10-06 14.29.39-1 


How to make a fall market tote from #craftdestash #fall #markettote #sewing





  1. Your projects make me wish I could sew and you make it look so easy. Beautiful tote.

  2. Your projects make me wish I could sew. You make it look so easy. Beautiful tote.

  3. What a great bag! I really need to get back to sewing. Pinned!

  4. What a cute tote for fall! You always have such great sewing project ideas.


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